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Ars Nova Presents a Chain of Inspiration

By Marc Shulgold For Tom Morgan, the concept for concerts by his chamber choir seems pretty straight forward. In fact the title of those concerts and name of his ensemble […]

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Joan Szymko – Illuminating Poetry with Song

A preview by Marc Shulgold Glancing at the accomplishments of composer Joan Szymko, it’s no surprise that she emerged from an encouraging home environment. Born in Chicago in 1957 to […]

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Surround Sounds From Ars Nova Singers

A preview By Marc Shulgold Four centuries before we tried to rewire our stereos to replicate quadraphonic effects, a couple of Renaissance composers had their singers create it live. An […]

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Ars Nova Sings About Love…for a Change

A preview by Marc Shulgold In these heavily political times, there seems to be no escaping commentaries on all sides of controversial social issues. Even in the concert hall. Composer […]

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Walking a Tightrope with Ars Nova

By Marc Shulgold Tom Morgan understands the dangers of controversy. The music director of the Ars  Nova Singers has accepted the challenge of programming a new work which doesn’t shy […]

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Soothing Music in Troubled Times from Ars Nova

              Review by Marc Shulgold Thomas Morgan put it succinctly in his program notes for a recent concert by Ars Nova Singers. “Everything feels fragile right now,” the chamber […]

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Ars Nova Singers Have It “Made”

By Marc Shulgold “We live in unusual times,” Tom Morgan observed, quietly stating the obvious. As the founder and longtime music director of the Ars Nova Singers, the 59-year-old conductor […]

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Singing in Zoom Time – Streaming Becomes a New Art for Ars Nova

By Marc Shulgold Yes, we know: The past year has been tough for performing arts groups forced to cancel concerts, find new revenue sources and struggle to stay afloat. But […]

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Achieving Zoomness: Performing Arts Online

A preview by Betsy Schwarm, January 13, 2021 It is at times like those of the past ten months that the performing arts can mean the most.  Not only is […]

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Ars Nova Sings Together and Apart

A preview By Marc Shulgold Tom Morgan has one goal in mind for the Ars Nova Singers’ upcoming performance on Youtube. “I want our audience to get an Ars Nova […]

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